2018 Santiago Finance Workshop

University of Chile

Conference Program

Monday, December 10th, 2018

09:30     Registration and coffee

10:00     Opening words - Eduardo S. Schwartz, UCLA

10:15     Keynote speaker: Toni M. Whited, University of Michigan

Session 1: International finance

Chair:    Alejandro Bernales, University of Chile

11:15     Foreign investment of US multinationals: The effect of tax policy and agency conflict

                By Oliver Levine, University of Wisconsin–Madison

                Discussant: Mauricio Larraín, PUC Chile and CMF Chile 

12:00     Coffee Break

12:15     International yield curves and currency puzzles

                By Mikhail Chernov, UCLA

                Discussant: Sebastian Infante, Federal Reserve Board

13:00     Lunch


Session 2: Assets

Chair:    Erwin Hansen, University of Chile

14:15     Measuring horizon-specific systematic risk via spectral betas

                By Federico Bandi, Johns Hopkins University

                Discussant: Marcelo Madeiros, PUC Rio

15:00     On index investing

                By Matthew Ringgenberg, University of Utah

                Discussant: Olga Kolokolova, Manchester University

15:45     Coffee Break

16:00     What drove the 2003-2006 house price boom and subsequent collapse?

                Disentangling competing explanations

                By Gonzalo Maturana, Emory University

                Discussant: Jefferson Duarte, Rice University

 Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

10:00   Coffee

Session 3: Fintech

Chair:    Markus Kirchner, Central Bank of Chile

10:30     A theory of ICOs: Diversification, agency, and information asymmetry

                By Evgeny Lyandres, Boston University

                Discussant: Hervé J. Roche, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

11:15     Does finance make us less social?

                By Mitch Warachka, University of San Diego

                Discussant: Douglas Cumming, Florida Atlantic University

12:00     Coffee Break

12:15     Fintech and financial fitness in the information age

                By Michaela Pagel, Columbia Business School

                Discussant: Julio Riutort, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

13:00     Lunch


Session 4: Firms

Chair:    Patricio Valenzuela, University of Chile

14:15     Executives in politics

                By Ilona Babenka, Arizona State University

                Discussant: Harold Contreras, University of Chile

15:00     Leviathan Inc. and corporate environmental engagement

                By Pedro Matos, University of Virginia

                Discussant: Rodrigo Wagner, University of Chile

15:45     Coffee break

16:00     Keynote speaker: Stefan Nagel, University of Chicago

17:30     Dinner (by invitation)